USEPE joins the Pan-European Urban Air Mobility Projects & Initiatives Community!

USEPE - a project focused on enabling safe drone operation in Europe, has joined the Air Mobility Projects & Initiatives Community!

Launched at the Amsterdam Drone Week, this Community aims to facilitate knowledge sharing across UAM projects and initiatives in Europe.

Work on introducing urban air mobility is quickly accelerating, leading to an increasing number of new projects and initiatives in the field. Synergies are thus needed to enhance results, multiply impacts, and ensure a coordinated approach: here comes the new Pan-European Urban Air Mobility Projects & Initiatives Community.

USEPE, an Exploratory Research Project funded by the SESAR Joint Undertaking aimed at exploring potential separation methods to ensure the safety of drone operations in urban environments, is part of this recently founded Community.

This aims to set the stage for Urban Air Mobility in Europe by establishing a collaborative platform linked to the European Green Deal and Digital Agenda. It brings together local, national, and EU-funded projects, initiatives, and regulatory bodies focusing on Urban Air Mobility to cross-share knowledge and lessons learned. Moreover, the Community aims to involve local authorities, public and private sector organisations, knowledge institutions, and research and development entities from all over Europe.

Are you part of an exciting project and initiative interested in joining the Community? Do not hesitate to contact Manon Coyne, Project Officer at POLIS Network.