SEEV4-City Newsflash: Impact of smart charging, electric vehicles and relighting on energy autonomy and peak load of a city depot in Kortrijk, Belgium

Kortrijk, a Belgian city of 78.000 inhabitants, situated in the Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, is experimenting with smart grid technology to optimize their energy use a part of the Interreg project SEEV4-City.

At the site of the operational pilot, there is a depot housing equipment for the city and sports fields next to the depot. A large portion of the electric energy consumption is lighting for the sports infrastructure.

In an earlier attempt to cover part of the annual electric energy consumption of 240 MWh using renewable energy, a 77 kWp PV system was installed with an expected annual yield of 78 MWh on the roof of the depot.

Even though the PV yield on paper covers roughly one third of the total demand, the mismatch between PV generation and energy consumption on-site results in a quarter of the PV energy being injected into the grid. This injected energy provides a marginal financial return.

Replacing the HID lighting by dimmable LED-fixtures, could lead to a yearly saving of 20 MWh (8% of the annual demand), thereby increasing the self-sufficiency from 24.8 to 27.0% and result in a peak load reduction of 18%.

The introduction of an electric car which is almost exclusively charged at the technical depot and is primarily used on weekdays (from 7h45 to 15h00) for the postal delivery round (annual distance travelled of approximately 9500 km) leads to a local increase of electric energy consumption of 1500 kWh, but is expected to reduce the yearly CO2-emissions by 1290 kg, based on well-to-wheel calculations.

The availability of one plugged-in electric vehicle at the Kortrijk site, creates interesting opportunities for  peak shaving, increasing energy autonomy and lowering energy cost by demand side management. Read more.

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