Hyperloop Development Program publishes new vision paper

The Hyperloop Development Program just published its "Hyperconnected Europe" vision paper, outlining the future European hyperloop system and its benefits.

Launched in February 2022 by the Hyperloop Development Program (HDP), the Hyperconnected Europe initiative is a community of cities and regions jointly developing a vision for the European hyperloop network. It brings together mobility experts to examine how the hyperloop can help tackle the increasing need for transport of goods and passengers sustainably.

"Achieving zero emission transport and mobility is a huge challenge, and hyperloop could be the missing piece of the puzzle," Elisabeth Geysels, Managing Director at VIL, Flanders' Spearhead Cluster for Logistics, argues. 

The initiative is officially supported by POLIS members Berlin, Rotterdam, Flanders, and Province of North Holland, but also Munich, Province of Groningen, Brasov, Rzeszow, Zaragoza, and Algeciras.

The first stage of the Hyperconnected Europe initiative has ended with a vision paper recapping the preliminary results and tracing the outlines of the European hyperloop system. 

Some of the exciting findings include:

  • A 25,000 km network would create a Hyperconnected Europe, linking up to 130 cities in 25 countries.
  • It can replace 66% of European flights by 2050 and reduce long-distance trucking transport by almost 20%.
  • It can help reduce CO2 emissions by 113 to 242 million tonnes per annum by 2050.


For more information, you can read the full paper here.