Explore the latest European Green Vehicle Initiative Impact Assessment!

The latest impact assessment of the European Green Vehicle Initiative is now available to all. Keep on reading to know more and discover the added value of R&I projects!

On January 18, 2024, EGVIAfor2Zero (the counterpart of the European Commission in the 2Zero Partnership) hosted a webinar marking the official start of the 2023 impact assessment for the European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI). The event aimed to showcase the benefits and potential long-term impacts of public-private partnerships. EGVI successfully met its objectives, laying the groundwork for current EU-funded Research and Innovation (R&I) projects, bringing tangible and intangible benefits to the EU transport industry.

This webinar not only presented key findings but also provided a platform for a broader discussion on EGVI's real-world benefits for the sector and end users, and future considerations. The study's conclusions complement earlier evaluations, with the first impact assessment following the European Green Cars Initiative and the second celebrating a decade (2009–2019) of road transport decarbonisation partnerships.

EGVI's core benefits encompass innovation, enhanced vehicle technical performance, reduced time-to-market, commercial advantages, skills development, total cost reduction, synergies, and long-term partnerships. As a member of EGVIAfor2Zero, POLIS ensures local and regional public authorities remain integral to the R&I ecosystem, aligning innovations with the needs of cities and regions.

The EGVI partnership boasts an estimated Return on Investment (RoI) of up to 40X, surpassing international benchmarks and outperforming similar initiatives with comparable funding levels. The report identified areas for improvement, particularly:

  • the timeline for the call preparation must be reduced to address properly the reality of the sector.
  • an even more important focus on cost reduction would be beneficial.
  • the need to maintain a good balance between focused topics and a high ambition level. Road transport is a very complex subject, and technology evolves quickly; partnerships such as 2Zero cannot predict what will happen in advance. Collaboration and exchange, particularly with technology platforms, is essential to ensuring that all topics of interest are covered, even beyond the scope of partnership(s).

For those interested, the presentation and webinar recording are already available for access.

For more information, please reach out to Pedro Gomes.