Pedro Homem de Gouveia

Senior Policy Advisor - Safety & Security and Governance & Integration Cluster Lead

Pedro joined POLIS in November 2019.

He coordinates the Working Group for Governance & Integration, focused on policy-making for cutting-edge innovation, public participation, public-private dialogue, implementation of necessary but politically sensitive measures, and equity. He also coordinates the Working Group for Safety & Security, which is focused on making city streets safe and transport systems secure. He also supports POLIS' policy efforts and is actively involved in the POLIS Leadership Summit and Political Group.

Pedro has extensive experience in the fields of universal design, public space, pedestrian accessibility, street safety, and public participation. Before joining POLIS, he worked for more than 20 years at the local level as a strategist, designer, trainer, consultant, and political advisor. In the City of Lisbon, he developed and implemented the Pedestrian Accessibility Plan and kick-started the Vision Zero planning process.

You can contact him in English, French, Spanish, Italian (piano, piano) and Portuguese.