COVID-19: Networking must go on(line)

At Polis, we are closely following the situation of the corona virus outbreak in Europe and are taking steps to respect the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation and Belgian authorities.

At the same time, we aim to ensure the continuity of our activities for the benefit of our member cities and regions, partners and organisations we regularly work with.

Networking and knowledge exchange are at the very the core of our mission. At our Working Group meetings, cities and regions present and share their solutions to common urban mobility challenges.

Nevertheless, in a time when international travels are being discouraged, and in light of the recent developments, we have decided to host the upcoming meetings of our Working Groups online, with the exception of the Working Group meeting on Governance & Integration taking place on 10-11 March at our premises in Brussels.

Contrarily to what previously announced, the Working Group meeting on Traffic Efficiency on 26 March will take place online and not in Milton Keynes, UK. For more information, please contact Suzanne Hoadley.

The Working Group meeting on Urban Freight, initially scheduled to take place in Lisbon from 31 March to 1 April, will take place online. For more information on the meeting, please contact Giacomo Lozzi.

Similarly, the Working Group meeting on Parking will not take place in Sofia on 15-16 April as initially planned but will be held online. Contact Ivo Cré for more information.

We will soon be giving indications as to whether the Working Group meeting on Road Safety, scheduled to take place on 31 March in Brussels, will also take place online. For more information, please contact Pedro Homem de Gouveia.