Upcoming POLIS Leadership Summit set for Stockholm

On 8 June, POLIS will convene decision-makers from across the transport sector for a frank, honest and — most of all — collaborative exchange on the road toward sustainable urban mobility.

Cities and regions across the globe are facing one of the biggest challenges imaginable. According to the IPCC, the world's carbon emissions must fall by 45% by 2030 — and reach net zero by 2050 — to stave off devastating climate change. Failing to achieve this will make many European cities uninhabitable.

Transport is currently responsible for around one-fifth of global CO2 emissions, with urban passenger transport accounting for nearly a third of this. At the same time, congestion, air quality, and transport justice must be tackled head-on.  The shift to sustainable, accessible, urban mobility must happen at such a scale, and with such a speed, that decisive, strong leadership is more essential than ever.

There is still time, but success will not be achieved without an urban mobility metamorphosis.

Local and regional authorities are front and centre

Local and regional authorities hold the keys to advancing the transition on the ground. Indeed, across the last decade, the incredible power of innovative, progressive and far-reaching shifts demonstrated by our cities and regions reveals this capacity.

Yet, we cannot underestimate how far we still have to go. But are we prepared? And, if not… how do we equip ourselves for battle?

As the leading network of local and regional authorities committed to transport innovation, supporting these leaders in accelerating their journeys towards cleaner more accessible transport is POLIS’ core mission.

Delegates convene at POLIS' Glasgow leadership summit last year. Credit: GCC

It is time to talk and translate ambition into action

Addressing urban challenges requires dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors, and to support this, POLIS will be holding its second Leadership Summit in Stockholm on June 2023.

This Summit will bring together leaders in government, business, advocacy, research, and action.

The panel discuss the future of urban mobility at POLIS' Glasgow Leadership summit. Credit: GCC

Indeed this year's event follows hot on the heels of POLIS' 2022 Leadership Summit in Glasgow, where local and regional decision-makers met to address the transition to zero-emission and the decarbonisation of transport. From Bristol to Madrid, Leuven to London – leading politicians, practitioners, researchers, advocates and entrepreneurs from across the transport sector in the UK and the EU discussed sustainable, safe, innovative and inclusive transport.

This year is set to be just as transformative.

Registrations are now closed.