30/05/2024 Prague, Czech Republic

POLIS Leadership Summit: Prague

On 30 May 2024, POLIS will gather mobility leaders from across the sector to join its upcoming Leadership Summit in the vibrant city of Prague. The event will be a unique opportunity for key players to have an honest conversation on the future of urban mobility.

As the Climate Crisis grows, so does the scale and the urgency of the changes we must implement. Making the mobility system of our cities and regions more sustainable, safe, and equitable requires leveraging four key resources we already hold: the technology available, the public space we own, the money we’re spending, and the people we serve. The question is – how can we best do it, and do it fast?

In our quest to meet ambitious climate targets, cities and regions stand at the forefront of change - and change is on the move! As the leading network of local and regional authorities committed to transport innovation, supporting leaders in accelerating their journeys towards cleaner more accessible transport is POLIS’ core mission.

That is why, together with the City of Prague, we are hosting our third Leadership Summit, gathering visionaries and change-makers, from political leaders to industry experts across the entire mobility sector to converge and chart a course for COP29 and beyond.

Read the final agenda below:

This year's event follows hot on the heels of POLIS' 2023 Leadership Summit in Stockholm, where local and regional decision-makers met to discuss topics such as public-private collaboration, ending car dependency, and placing liveability and justice at the heart of action.

This is the time for brave leadership and decisive action, at both local and global levels. Together, we can pave the way towards a sustainable future.

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Registrations for the Leadership Summit in Prague are now closed, as the event is at full capacity.