07/04/2020 Online

Polis Road Safety Working Group meeting

Road Safety in European cities and regions is at a turning point. The European Union has set ambitious goals for reducing traffic deaths and serious injuries, but over the past decade progress has stalled. A key part of the solution lies in cities, the ‘natural habitat’ of the most ‘vulnerable road users’. The good news is, local authorities can do a lot.

Polis established the New Paradigm for Safe City Streets as a solid foundation on which to build its policy efforts in this domain. Add to this paradigm shift the Green Deal, new transport policies and funding instruments, and the disruptive innovations forcing all levels of government to rethink Urban Mobility – and we have a turning point. So how can local authorities make the most of these opportunities?

This meeting of the Polis Working Group on Road Safety will take place on 31 March between 09:00 and 13:00 CET.

Please note that this meeting will take place online, and is open only to Polis members.

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