Fluctuo's Q2 2023 European Shared Mobility Index reveals shift from scooters to bikes

Fluctuo, the leading aggregator of shared mobility data, has unveiled its newest Q2 2023 European Shared Mobility Index (ESMI).

The report, supported by industry giants including Arval, Drover, Segway Ninebot, SHARE NOW, and POLIS, sheds light on the evolving landscape of shared mobility in Europe. Following Fluctuo's Q1 2023 ESMI, which revealed continued growth in the face of economic challenges, the latest report highlights a significant shift away from scooters towards bicycles, both free-floating and station-based, as stricter regulations, tender requirements, and market saturation alter the industry dynamics.

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Key Findings

While the overall shared mobility market continues to expand, experiencing a 7% increase in fleet sizes, ridership has remained relatively stable. Notably, the introduction of approximately 30,000 free-floating bikes in the past year has led to a 24% surge in bicycle ridership. In contrast, scooter ridership has declined by 10%, marking the first downturn, mainly attributed to the rapidly changing regulatory framework. Shared cars have emerged as the fastest-growing mode in Europe this quarter, with a remarkable 14% increase in usage.

In the analysis of 33 European cities, the following vehicle breakdown was observed:

  • Station-based bikes: 34%
  • Dockless bikes: 10%
  • Scooters: 42%
  • Mopeds: 6%
  • Shared cars: 8%

Overall ridership trends in Q2 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 are as follows:

  • Station-based bike usage: Up by 8%
  • Dockless bike ridership: Up by 24%
  • Scooter ridership: Down by 10%
  • Moped usage: Down by 29%
  • Car sharing: Up by 14%

Comparison between Europe and North America

The report also draws a parallel between 2022 data from Europe and North America, using NABSA's recently published Annual State of the Industry Report. Europe emerges as the global leader in the shared mobility market, with impressive figures such as 485 million trips compared to North America's 146.9 million trips. Moreover, Europe boasts 0.9 trips per capita, while North America registers only 0.4 trips per capita.

City Analysis

Several European cities exhibit noteworthy trends:

  • Brussels leads with the highest number of shared vehicles per 10,000 inhabitants.
  • Paris witnesses record-high ridership figures for both dockless and station-based bikes.
  • Vienna experiences a doubling of public bike ridership compared to Q2 2022.
  • Bordeaux witnesses a remarkable 4x increase in scooter ridership.
  • German cities, including Berlin (34%) and Hamburg (50%), maintain their status as car-sharing market leaders, boasting substantial ridership increases.

About Fluctuo

Fluctuo is a leader in mobility enablement, providing operators and cities with comprehensive and accurate shared mobility data. Founded in 2019, the company quickly established itself as a trusted partner for shared mobility and public transport companies, MaaS providers, and cities. Fluctuo's goal is to offer to enable.

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