POLIS' Leadership Summit set for Glasgow

On 8 June, POLIS will be holding its next Leadership Summit in Glasgow.

If we are to achieve ambitious climate targets, transforming urban mobility will be critical. Cities and regions have a key role to play – this is the time for brave leadership and decisive action, at both local and global levels.

POLIS and the City of Glasgow (POLIS member and host of COP26) will hold a Leadership Summit to discuss the way ahead and set a clear message for COP27 later this year.

This high-level dialogue will convene political leaders and leading practitioners from European and British local and regional authorities, top experts from research and industry, high-level representatives from national governments, and key stakeholders involved in global climate processes.

This event follows our recent summit in Paris in March, where political leaders from across Europe - and beyond - gathered to discuss the way forward for sustainable urban mobility.

We will take stock of milestones achieved, challenges faced and how local and regional authorities can be better recognised and empowered in the global fight against climate change.

Keynote speeches will alternate with interactive roundtable discussions, giving the floor to leading voices from the public and private sectors.


Urban Mobility: Research. Innovation. Action

In tandem with this principal agenda, we will also be hosting an affiliated session addressing upcoming funding and project development, exploring how cities, regions and knowledge institutes can make the most of research and innovation opportunities.

New sustainable urban mobility services, concepts and technologies are being propelled by cutting edge research and innovation.

POLIS connects cities, regions and knowledge institutions with international partners and EU funded projects, assisting members to develop projects, navigate applications processes and identify topics for future funding opportunities.

Through this session, Glasgow's event will place emphasis on the capacity for innovation and opportunities for collaboration across the channel.

Further information on this Leadership Summit and dedicated R&I session linked to the main summit will follow soon.