Join urban mobility leaders in Stockholm to discuss momentous transport challenges

On 8 June, POLIS will convene transport leaders from the public and private sectors for a frank, honest and — most of all — collaborative exchange on the road toward sustainable urban mobility.

How can we make mobility sustainable, safe and equitable?  

How can we move beyond words to accelerate action?  

How can we forge a common direction and mutually beneficial partnerships? 

On 8 June POLIS will bring together decision-makers from across the transport sector for a frank, collaborative and (most of all) action-oriented exchange.  

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Join the upcoming Leadership Summit

As emissions rise and the clock runs down for tackling climate change, accelerating the shift to sustainable urban mobility has become one of the biggest challenges facing cities and regions across the globe.  

The latest IPCC Report is clear: action is “now or never” to avoid disaster; failing to do so will make many European cities uninhabitable.  

Major international climate summits have displayed a disappointing lack of ambition and action, and national agendas aren’t delivering change at the scale and speed required. Decisive and strong leadership is more essential than ever – and cities and regions hold the keys to advancing the transition on the ground. 

Local and regional governments can’t advance alone – public and private actors must work together. What are the best practices? What are the biggest obstacles? What are the most promising opportunities? These questions will be front and centre at the Leadership Summit. 

What is POLIS’ Leadership Summit?  

POLIS’ Leadership Summit – this year held on 8 June in Stockholm – brings together political and technical leaders in government, industry, business, advocacy, research, and action. It convenes once a year, to enable knowledge exchange, foster public-private cooperation, andfeed the development of messages from local and regional governments to the COP and other global events. 

This year's event follows hot on the heels of POLIS' 2022 Leadership Summit in Glasgow, where local and regional leaders from across the mobility sector met to address the transition to zero-emission and the decarbonisation of transport. The Summit is designed as an intimate assembly of key stakeholders working at the forefront of sustainable and accessible urban mobility, who are pushing at the frontiers of policy, research, and advocacy.  

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