Autumn working group meetings

POLIS' working groups are back, and the calendar is packed!

After a well-deserved summer break, our working groups are set for a busy Autumn. From safety and security to freight, our working groups convene to discuss the biggest challenges facing urban mobility and share solutions.

Over the next few months we are hosting a range of interesting events, exploring topics including the gig-economy and delivery, human resources for the future of sustainable and smart mobility and how to tackle sexual harassment on public transport.

Here is what you can look forward to...


SURF project: Kick-off webinar

Wednesday 15 September | 15.00-16.30 CET

POLIS’ Urban Freight working group works closely with stakeholders from across the industry, forging collaborations for innovative and transferable solutions. SURF is a collaboration between POLIS Urban Freight working group and Environmental Defense Fund Europe, developing structures knowledge and awareness on Zero Emission Zones for Freight (ZEZ-F). This event will provide key information about the SURF project's upcoming e-course and guidance about the learning programme and project activities.

The e-course is primarily designed for city and regional authorities but aims to provide a solid knowledge basis for any stakeholder involved in urban freight operations

More information HERE.


Safety & Security: Gig-Work & Platform Deliveries – implications for Road Safety

Tuesday 21 September | 10.00-11.30 CET

The growth of urban platform deliveries accelerated during the COVID-19 lockdowns. We now have several thousands of people, all over Europe, delivering pizzas, books, and much more. In this meeting the Safety & Security working group will be addressing this issue and its implications for road safety in cities, as well as exploring what local and regional governments and transport authorities could do.

More information HERE.


Human resources for sustainable mobility: Traffic management

Thursday 7 October | 09.30-11.00 CET (open to non-members)

We are collaborating with our associate member, Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) to bring together a cross-disciplinary panel of cities, universities and industry stakeholders to discuss the human skills and training required for a sustainable mobility transition, how this can be achieved, and capacity for collaboration.

This meeting will discuss traffic management. Digitisation, data sharing, automation and associated legislative changes are transforming the way traffic is operated; how can- and must- we stay ahead of these changes? Join to hear more from those at the forefront of traffic management.

More information HERE.


Safety & Security: Sexual Harassment in Public Transport

Tuesday 19 October | 10.00-12.00 CET

Research shows that sexual harassment in public transport settings affects a significant number of passengers, especially women. It has to be dealt with, effectively. And it is possible to do so – this security problem has underlying structural factors that can be acted upon by local government and public transport authorities and operators.

Meet researchers and hands-on operatives who will discuss the issue and share their insights and advice. This meeting is also part of the Public Transport Lab webinar series.

More information HERE.


Human resources for sustainable mobility: Urban freight

Wednesday 3 November | 09.30-11.00 CET (open to non-members)

This is the second meeting discussing human resources for sustainable transport. Freight is another area being transformed by innovative technologies; from low emissions zones to electrification and storage solutions, the game is changing fast, and competition is growing. Yet, for all this automation, it remains an incredibly human resource intensive sector.

So which skills do cities and freight operators need to keep apace of accelerating demands? Leading academic experts and industry actors will present how they are ensuring they have the capacities they need to keep innovating.

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