26/04/2023 Brussels, Belgium

i-DREAMS Final Event

On 26 April 2023, the i-DREAMS project, of which POLIS is a partner of, will have its Final Event in Brussels - be sure not to miss it!

The i-DREAMS project aimed to develop a system that provides real-time and post-trip interventions to keep drivers of different modes in a safe driving zone.

After the start in May 2019, the ending of the project was foreseen for April 2022 - a date that needed to be postponed of a year due to COVID restrictions. Cue to 26 April 2023, when the project is at last planning its Final Event.

While the venue has yet to be set, the event will be organised in Brussels, Belgium, and it is expected to start at around 10:00 am, ending in the late afternoon.

Updates on this event will be given in due time - for now, please register your interest using the form below: