09/11/2021 Online

POLIS Public Transport Lab: Complementing mass transit with shared mobility

What is the future for the relationship between public transport and micromobility? The Public Transport Lab webinar series explores!

Tuesday 9th November, 11:00-12:30 CEST

Public Transport is the backbone of Urban Mobility, but not necessarily the best tool for all travel demands. Accelerating the shift to sustainable mobility requires making convenient, reliable and affordable options available for all travel needs – including trips taking place in lower densities and off-peak hours, and trips feeding the mass transit corridors.

This is a large and complex challenge. The public sector cannot face it alone, and fast-growing new mobility services can help address it. How can cities and regions can steer Shared Mobility to support Public Transport?

In this Public Transport Lab we’ll share and discuss different initiatives and options, from Greater Manchester’s e-hubs to Uber’s vision on the potential of ride-hailing, going through Lisbon’s micromobility pass, SBB’s digital and physical connections between rail and e-scooters, and Noord-Brabant’s approach to public-private partnerships.

Bring your lab coat – lots of experiments to explore!


Speakers include:

  • Ian Inglis, Senior Project Manager, Transport for Greater Manchester
  • SBB Swiss Railway
  • Arjan van Andel, Public Transit Partnerships, Uber
  • John Kuijs, Mobility Strategist, Province of Noord-Brabant
  • Andrea Vota, Public Policy Manager, Bolt


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