2020 - 2023


Digitalisation and automation are changing the mobility sector rapidly; from public transport to logistics, new technologies are continually updating and revising services, the infrastructure deployed and skills required. This holds significant challenges and implications for the mobility labour market.

However, there is currently an absence of understanding about this process, and therefore lack of coordinated dialogue between mobility stakeholders about how to support these changes and those affected by the shifting labour processes.

We-Transform aims to create a structured and collective approach to research, communication and implementation of changes in the labour market, ensuring the necessary skills are anticipated and developed. The project will bring together a stakeholder forum for cross-national collaboration based on the expertise and network of its 34 partners and its advisory board. The resulting cross-national living hub, providing knowledge and data, will support the generation of an evidence-based and action-oriented agenda. This agenda should assist policy-makers to tackle the challenges connected to the effects of automation on the transport labour force.

We-Transform is a H2020 European Project constituted of a consortium of 34 partners from 16 European and non-European countries.

We-Transform started in December 2020 and will end in November 2023.

To find out more, please contact Manon Coyne.