WE-TRANSFORM shares report of 4th Stakeholder Forum Workshop in Brussels

The EU H2020 project WE-TRANSFORM aims at creating a policy agenda to prepare for the automation transition and the related transformation of the workforce in the transport sector.

To do so, WE-TRANSFORM wants to establish an effective dialogue with all parties involved, including workers and employers across all transport modes, and leverage stakeholders’ knowledge and experiences to co-create an action-oriented policy agenda.

The first phase of the project focused on analysing the state-of-the-art and initial stakeholders’ input regarding barriers to digitalisation, the negative and positive impacts on workers, and their skills, and also existing initiatives to facilitate the transition.

The project has now started the assessment of the social impact of automation on the transport labour force, addressing the requirements from a legal perspective and the scenarios for the transformation of the role of the workforce.

The 4th Stakeholder Forum Workshop aimed to inform on the project progress to date and propose three topics for discussion and co-creation, namely:

  1. the legal perspective of the expected impacts;
  2. scenarios for the workforce transformation and preparation for the automation transition;
  3. implications and solutions for the Agenda policy actions.

For this workshop, the WE-TRANSFROM project was targeting policymakers, workforce organisations, trade unions, and transport operators across all transport modes, including representatives from other sectors, such as banking or tourism, as well as forerunners in the digital transition.

As a result, the event saw the participation of 75 stakeholders such as - aside of POLIS - Mercedes-Benz, Airbus, European Commission, Renault Trucks, EMT Valencia, Fundacion Valenciaport, POLITO, University of Aegean, ERTICO, TSI, University of Surrey, Business Tampere, Hellenic Train, IRU, Varna Municipality, AustriaTech and many more.

Read more about the workshop and share your thoughts directly on the WE-TRANSFORM website.