Polis to co-organise European Urbanism Next Conference

While there has been a focused research effort on exploring the technological aspects of new mobility, autonomous vehicles and other emerging technologies, there is an increasing need to shift the attention towards their secondary effects on city development, urban form and design, as well as their implications for sustainability, equity, health, and municipal finance.

Within this frame, Polis has decided to lead way and put cities and Europe at the centre of the conversation. It does so by discussing on how governments, companies, and institutions should respond to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of development, in addition to analysing how policies, programs, and infrastructure investments should adapt and change. It does so by co-organising the first European Urbanism Next Conference.


What is Urbanism Next?

Inspired by the annual Urbanism Next Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA, the Urbanism Next Europe Conference 2020 will be an interdisciplinary convening of private, public and academic stakeholders who play critical roles in shaping the future of our cities. The conference will explore how technological, societal and economic trends will change the following aspects of urban areas:

Land use  |  Environment  |  Architecture  |  Public Health  |  Retail  |  Equity  |  Transport  |  Public Space  |  Real Estate  |  Economy  |  Urban Planning  |  Governance



Get your calendars out, because Urbanism Next Europe 2020 Conference will be held June 25-26, 2020 at Maassilo in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The event will be preceded by workshops on June 24, 2020.

During the Conference, over 250 planners, architects, landscape architects, developers, technology experts, elected officials, academics and many others will gather to discuss the impacts and implications of emerging technologies on the design and planning of our cities.

You can be one of them.