ISA-FIT launches market ready product

For 8 months POLIS, together with V-Tron, CTAG, TUe, the city of Helmond, TRACTEBEL, and TN-ITS worked together on the final test drives and dissemination of ISA-FIT product.

ISA-FIT is an EIT Urban Mobility project co-funded by European Union that kicked off in May 2022.

What is ISA-FIT?

ISA-FIT by V-tron is an aftermarket Intelligent Speed Assistance system that can be installed in your vehicle. This reliable and user-friendly system ensures that drivers always stay within the allowed speed limit, helping to prevent unnecessary fines and accidents. With ISA-FIT, fleet owners and vehicle managers can improve the safety of their employees and vehicles while avoiding unnecessary costs and risks.

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Why ISA is so important?

While European roads might be the safest in the world, speed remains a central issue for road safety and the main obstacle to achieving Vision Zero — no deaths on the road after 2050. Contributing to approximately 30% of road fatalities, excessive speed has been tackled with unprecedented actions resulting in the General Vehicle Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144. Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA-FIT), concerned among others by the new regulation, is expected to reduce collisions by 30% and deaths by 20%.

The Intelligent Speed Assistant/Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) is a car system that falls under the category of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ISA is a system that informs the driver about speed limits and can assist in applying the applicable speed limit. Learn more about the system in the video below:

V-Tron’s ISA-FIT informs the driver of the speed limit via the dashboard and is further capable of actively limiting the vehicle’s speed once the speed limit is reached.

  • Therefore, ISA-FIT provides speed information both online and offline.

ISA-FIT can obtain speed limit information in two ways. On the one hand, with a camera and an algorithm that recognizes road signs. Thus, roadside traffic signs can be read by our system. On the other by using a digital road map that contains information about speed limits provided by road authorities. ISA-FIT combines both sources of information to get more reliable information about speed limits. By sending observed traffic signs back to the road authority’s digital map, a “feedback loop” is created that continuously improves the quality of the digital map. This results in a more reliable and robust ISA system. Road operators are very positive about this side effect.

  • ISA-FIT always applies the correct speed comfortably.

Once the speed limit is known, ISA-FIT informs the driver by showing the speed limit on a display. In addition, it actively limits the vehicle’s speed when the speed limit is reached to prevent excessive speeds. In an emergency, ISA-FIT can be disabled.

  • ISA-FIT enables safer driving and increases the livability of the urban environment, without negative side effects or significant behavioural change.

Moreover, it will supply live analysis of driver behaviours and a live traffic overview, which will help adjust road infrastructures rapidly. Therefore, reassuring that European roads have become even safer and more comfortable.

ISA-FIT project is committed to improving ADAS and working towards the goal of creating safer and more efficient roads for all.