09/11/2021 Online

Governance & Integration working group meeting: Leadership for change

POLIS' Governance & Integration Working Group brings together local authorities and gender specialists for a POLIS members only event to discuss female leadership in the mobility sector.


9 November 2021; 14:30- 16:00 CET


Women make up only around 20% of the transport workforce in Europe, and an even lower proportion of its management. Closing this gap is a basic question of human rights, of course, but it’s also a crucial step in meeting urban mobility ambitions.

Accelerating the shift to sustainable mobility is a major challenge for cities, regions and transport authorities. It demands new ways of thinking, organising and learning, to ensure transport services, both public and private, serve diverse and continually shifting needs. Meeting this challenge requires leveraging all our human resources, and valuing diversity.

This meeting will be for POLIS members only, for an open and frank exploration of the topic. We’ll bring together local authorities and gender specialists to discuss why gender diversity is not just about quotas, but rather an entire shift in the transport sector’s culture, to enable organizations to attract, retain, and benefit from talent across the board, and to respond to the concrete needs and aspirations of real world users.

  • Why should the Mobility sector care about closing the gender gap, especially in leadership?
  • What are the barriers to women’s entry and advancement?
  • What current initiatives support diversity in the transport sector, and how transferable are them?
  • What further action is required?


Speakers include:

  • Lina Mosshammer, VCÖ + World Bank + Women in Mobility
  • Sandra Phillips, Shared Mobility Architect, Founder and CEO, MOVMI
  • Sophie Mougard, Director, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées - Paris Tech, previous Director General of Ile-De-France Mobilité


To find out more, please email Pedro Homem de Gouveia or Isobel Duxfield 


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