09/11/2022 Online

WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar: What jobs and what workers in automated and digital transport services?


Join us online on November 9 at 12:00 to find out about existing initiatives supporting transport workers' transition due to services automation and digitalisation, and to understand the impacts of this transition on citizens, businesses, and authorities.

WE-TRANSFORM academic partners have collected and analysed research actions and initiatives related to transport automation's impact on the workforce, for all modes at the national and EU levels this report aims to provide a complete list of these initiatives and highlight the best practices among them. Conclusions include the observation of job losses and displacement, the definition of mthe ost researched skills in future transport jobs, and the focus of initiatives on the automotive sector.
The partners also conducted an in-depth analysis of challenges related to automation for the transport workforce. The objective of this analysis was to identify driving forces changing the role of transport workers in the future, newly required skills, and upcoming challenges to be overcome by transport workers. The results obtained enabled the definition of a structure for the knowledge co-creation process, intended to enable the formulation of recommendations at the end of the project.


The authors of the report and the analysis will expose their work and outcomes in a one-hour online webinar, open to interaction with the audience. They will be happy to answer all questions and interact with participants, to shape a comprehensive overview with adequate conclusions for future activities in the project.

Have your word: join us online!