POLIS' manifesto for the European elections goes live at the Brussels Bubble Band meeting

On 22 February 2024, POLIS convened its biannual Brussels Bubble Band meeting, uniting representatives of POLIS member cities and regions for an informative discussion on 'hot' European mobility topics. At the meeting, POLIS launched its manifesto for the 2024 European elections. Check out POLIS' full list of priorities below!

Twice a year, policy operatives working for POLIS members come together for the Brussels Bubble Band. This event provides the ideal opportunity for knowledge exchange and cooperation on pressing European urban mobility topics. Designed to be straight to the point, these meetings focus on the most relevant policy issues that POLIS and its members are currently working on.

Ahead of the upcoming European elections, this year's first Brussels Bubble Band meeting served to outline priorities and expectations for the next term of the European Parliament and Commission.

Introducing POLIS' Manifesto for the 2024 European Elections

The meeting offered POLIS a unique chance to present its Manifesto for the 2024 European Elections, titled "Local must lead! Empowering Cities and Regions for Better Transport." In support of an ambitious European Green Deal that works for all citizens, POLIS has outlined the following priorities:

  1. Legal and funding frameworks to empower cities, provinces, and regions to achieve sustainable economic recovery and resilience.
  2. Tailored support for local and regional authorities to develop efficient and green transport systems.
  3. Inclusive policies to bridge the gaps between urban and rural mobility systems.
  4. Implementation of Green Deal policies in line with the perspectives and capacities of local and regional governments.
  5. A new European approach to tackling the mobility transition that puts affordability, safety, and inclusivity front and centre.
  6. Engagement of the public and private sectors in the Green Deal Industrial Plan to facilitate targeted investments in transport innovation.
  7.  Updates to Europe's Road Safety Policy and more systematic integration of cycling policies to protect cyclists and pedestrians.
  8.  Policy instruments to phase out internal combustion engines and boost air quality in European cities.
  9. Technical and financial support for urban nodes to amplify their role in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).
  10. Use of existing instruments (ERAMUS+, Horizon Europe, Cohesions Funds, and European Social Funds) to support up-skilling for transport workers.

Leading with local

With its 2024 European Election Manifesto, POLIS aims to align Green Deal policies with the needs and aspirations of local and regional authorities. Moreover, the Manifesto serves to put a stronger emphasis on urban and rural transport as strategic focal points for green investment and innovation.

For European citizens, daily transport is a big issue. POLIS members have the solutions but need the EU to stand with them through the next phase in the digital and green transition. We have laid down 10 principles for the EU to make this happen. They are built around the principles that local mobility matters, that the local level can lead. The EU has put in place an agenda for transition that cities and regions now want to implement. Let's make that happen in the next EU mandate!

Ivo Cré, Director of Policy & Projects, POLIS

As the EU works to implement transport policies within the Green Deal package, POLIS encourages policymakers to balance the need for emissions reductions with consideration for the inclusivity of novel mobility solutions.

Curious to learn more about POLIS' priorities for the 2024 European elections? Feel free to reach out to POLIS' Director of Policy and Projects, Ivo Cré, or POLIS' Senior Policy Advisor, Pedro Homem de Gouveia.