Governance & Integration: MOMENTUM, disruption and data

Data is revolutionising the urban mobility landscape. Enabling the emergence of new mobility services, or the improvement of public transport and traffic management, the potential is clearly there for mobility data to support the shift to sustainable urban mobility. 

As our cities and regions seek to transform existing transport ecosystems, data reporting and sharing will be key to reallocating space to more sustainable transport, integrating new options in an effective, coordinated, durable and socially just way.  

Yet, while the opportunities are manifold, so are the challenges. Establishing public-private partnerships, navigating GDPR compliance, guaranteeing equity… the list goes on. Local authorities, operators and new mobility providers face many hurdles.  

Different cities and regions from across Europe are at very different points in this journey, tackling diverse challenges and pursuing diverse measures – integrating ticketing platforms, trialing mobility hubs, reallocating space towards active travel, and more. Supporting one another through the data-jungle will be essential. 

In comes the POLIS Working Group for Governance & Integration. On April 1, the Working Group hosted a full-day meeting on “Dealing with Disruption”, for a comprehensive exploration on the use of data to support decision-making for a just transition. 

It also explored EU-funded MOMENTUM project (Modelling Emerging Transport Solutions for Urban Mobility), which has developed a set of new data analysis methods, transport models and planning support tools, to capture the impact of new transport options on urban mobility, and help cities design the right policy mix.

“Data today is critical to our urban mobility, particularly the future of public transport, and we are delighted to have this conversation today,” said Ile-de- France’s Françoise Guaspare, and chair of the working group.   

Bringing together POLIS members as well as invited transport stakeholders, the meeting explored three distinct areas: 

  1. Decision making, with Project MOMENTUM’s decision support tool 
  1. A dialogue on the fundamentals of a just transition 
  1. Data sharing for a Just Transition and the future of public-private partnerships 


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