European Court of Auditors: More action needed on Sustainable Urban Mobility

A new report has highlighted the need for more action from the European Commission on Sustainable Urban Mobility in EU cities.

The Special Report on Sustainable Mobility in the EU, produced by the European Court of Auditors, focused on eight cities in Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain. The authors investigated whether support from the EU had helped in making mobility in cities more sustainable, and assess what progress had been made following the European Commission’s €13 billion Urban Mobility Package.

The findings of the report highlight that EU cities are failing to make necessary changes in their approaches to achieve a shift to sustainable urban mobility, and that issues such as air pollution from transport are still prevalent in many cities. The report also highlights that little progress has been made in increasing the use of sustainable modes of transport, and that private car usage remains high in many cases.

The report makes recommendations for the European Commission, including increasing the collection and publication of data on urban mobility in EU Member States, and linking the availability of funding for Sustainable Urban Mobility initiatives to the presence of strong plans at the city level for urban mobility.

To view the report and find out more information, please see here.

Should you have comments on this report, please send these to Ivo Cré and Pedro Homem de Gouveia by Monday 16 March.