Regulatory frameworks

Regulatory frameworks determine the way in which transport services are designed, planned and provided. But as urban mobility is evolving with new actors entering the market, the role of local authorities in overseeing and regulating transport services in cities and regions is also changing. New forms of cooperation with private sector actors have become vital, along with a deep understanding of the role that innovation can play in pursuing sustainable mobility objectives. What role should public authorities play in the development and roll-out of automated vehicles? What are the best ways to engage with new mobility services providers to ensure that they contribute to a better mobility in our cities? If new rules are needed, how to best formulate them without hindering innovation?

POLIS brings the voice of European cities and regions into the lively debate on regulatory frameworks and transport innovation. POLIS members exchange regularly on regulatory challenges in the Working Group on Governance.

POLIS position papers on Automated Vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) include paragraphs on the regulatory challenges of cities and regions with regards to these two topics. Polis members exchange on MaaS and AV development in the Working Group on Traffic Efficiency and Mobility.

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