POLIS joins Expert Group for Urban Mobility

On 25 October, the Expert Group for Urban Mobility convened for their first meeting. 

The Expert Group has been established to help develop urban aspects of transport and support implementing the new EU urban mobility framework, advising and providing expertise to the Commission.

POLIS is part of this group, joining other appointed representatives of Member States’ authorities at national, regional and local level, as well as other public entities and private organisations with expertise in Urban Mobility.

It is design as a forum for dialogue, exchange of technical knowledge, cooperation and coordination between Member States – including local and regional authorities – and other stakeholders. The goal is stronger engagement by Member States and improved dialogue with cities, regions and stakeholders on all urban mobility issues.

The kickoff follows a call for applications over the summer, where DG MOVE received more than 150 applications from organisations as well as cities and regions to become members of the reformed Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility.

As part of the group, POLIS joins many of its members, including Rijkswaterstaat, Toulouse/Tisséo, HessenIle-de-France, Budapest, Brussels Region, City of Milan, City of Stockholm, Örebro and Groningen.

You can find the full list of members here and find out more here.





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