Register for the 6th European Mobility Days in Strasbourg

Mark your calendars, because the 6th European Mobility Days in Strasbourg are just two months away! This year, the focus will be on a critical question: How can we reconcile supply and demand for mobility? Want to join the discussion? Reserve your spot today!

Whether you are a newcomer to the European Mobility Days or a five-time participant, you will not want to miss out on the 6th edition of this leading European mobility event, set to take place at the Institut National des Études Territoriales (Strasbourg) from 16-17 May 2024. This year's event will be hosted by Cerema and CNFPT, in partnership with the Eurometropole of Strasbourg, GART, UTP, MOT, University of Gustave Eiffel, FNAU, the Strasbourg Urban Planning Agency, and POLIS network.

Together, the partners are excited to offer two exciting days of mobility discussions focused on the theme, 'Mobility in the regions: The challenge of demand.'

What is on the agenda?

In the face of the climate crisis, cities and regions are hard-pressed to find low- and zero-carbon transport solutions. Ambitious policies that support improved public transport and safer access to active transport modes are needed to reduce the use of private cars. Often, however, these initiatives take the form of supply-side policies and increased regulations on car use that risk generating unsustainable demand.

To foster the growth of comprehensive sustainable mobility alternatives across Europe's cities and regions, the 6th edition of the European Mobility Days will delve into both the supply and demand sides of the sustainable mobility equation. Through an exchange of ideas based on both European and international examples, attendees will be able to confront and assess a variety of visions, practices, and experiences.

The event will be divided into three main sessions focused around the following questions:

  1. How can we support local residents in the necessary changes and help them to adopt new practices?
  2. How can public spaces be better shared and managed in the face of a proliferation of desired uses?
  3. How can we develop public transport and complementarity between modes of transport in a difficult economic climate?

You can access the full agenda here.

Register today!

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Fees: Participants are asked to make a financial contribution of 80 euros for logistical costs, excluding participants from local authorities, students, the press, and speakers.

Registration deadline: You have until midnight 3 May 2024 (11:59 pm) to reserve your spot. Due to limited capacity, you are advised to sign up as soon as possible.

Feel free to address your questions to POLIS' Director of Policy & Projects, Ivo Cré, at

For more information about the European Mobility Days in Strasbourg, visit Cerema's webpage. You can also access our report on last year's European Mobility Days in Strasbourg here.