Enroll now in EIT Climate-KIC "Future of transport, how do we deal with it?" course and learn how to address innovation from a public authority perspective

In the transport field, we always hear of new ideas that are going to revolutionise the transport system: from hyperloops and self-driving cars to Mobility as a Service and electric cargo bike delivery services. Some of these innovations can play a role in supporting the shift to a low-carbon transport system, but how should we address them?

"Future of transport, how do we deal with it?"

The course "Future of transport, how do we deal with it?" by Climate-KIC wants to support transport professionals with managing the introduction of transport innovations from a public authority perspective in a manner that strengthens long-term sustainability principles.

With a mix of lectures, workshops, site visits and the chance to exchange with peers, during this two-days course in two sessions public authorities will learn to support private companies in developing their innovations while focusing on issues of governance and policy and understanding their role in leading development in the right direction.


Session 1

Day 1 - 17th of September, 08:30-16:30 in Amsterdam, NL
Common understanding
  • Introduction - Setting the scene
    Getting common definitions of the Future of Transport
  • Common understanding
    Understanding the importance of transport planning for climate action
  • Climate-change and transport
  • Basics of decision making in complexity
    How to see the big picture and make long term decisions in an uncertain future?
  • Workshop I, trends
    Making sense of long term signals amidst complexity
Day 2 - 18th of September, 09:00-17:00 in Eindhoven, NL
How to take better informed decisions
  • Site visit at Brainport: Living labs and co-creation
    The role of Public authority
  • Tools to regulate innovations
    How to steer to follow societal goals
  • Lecture: Tools to understand impacts of autonomous vehicles
    How to steer to follow societal goals

Session 2

Day 3 - 22nd of October, 09:00-17:00 in Lund, SWE
How to handle conflict of goals
  • Setting the scene
    Understanding systems perspective
  • Lecture: policy conflicts
  • Learning from own challenges
    Putting your own situation into perspective
  • Workshop II, planning: Designing a future transport system (Continuation of WS 1)
Day 4 - 23rd of October, 08:00-16:30 in Lund, SWE
Bringing it all together
  • Site visit and field work
    Co-creation within transport planning
  • Workshop: Bring it all together
    How to make use of the course
  • Mapping your toolkit

Fees & Registration

Course Fee: EUR 950 (incl. VAT)

Course Fee for Climate-KIC partners, public institutions, Climate-KIC alumni and NGOs: EUR 600 (incl. VAT). Evidence required.

Please note that spots are limited and applications will be assessed as they come in.

The deadline for application is Sept 6 2019.

For further enquiries, please contact: