23/02/2024 ONLINE (ZOOM)

SMAPE WEBINAR: It takes three to tango

Join the SMAPE Webinar on February 23 at 11AM CET!

The Shared Mobility Action Programmes Exchange (SMAPE) project aims to improve shared mobility policies by fostering cooperation among different regional and local authorities in Europe.

This webinar aims to cover policy-making at national, regional, and local levels, examining how each tier can contribute to and benefit from shared mobility initiatives. By highlighting these different perspectives, the webinar seeks to create synergies among the various policy levels, promoting a more unified and effective approach to shared mobility. Participants will gain insights from SMAPE's progress and strategies, fostering collaborative efforts towards a more sustainable and accessible urban transport future.

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Contact Information: For any inquiries or further information, please contact jmansogarcia@polisnetwork.eu or adavilagraf@polisnetwork.eu