Mobility management and campaigns

Mobility Management (MM) is a concept to promote sustainable transport by including and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers' attitudes and behaviour. At the core of Mobility Management are "soft" measures like information and communication, organising services and coordinating activities of different stakeholders. In the field of urban transport, soft measures do not replace hard measures (such as the creation of new tram lines, new roads or new bike lanes) but rather enhance and complement them.

POLIS has wide-ranging experience in the management of campaigns to promote sustainable mobility in cities and regions. We are a partner in the European Mobility Week, the Europe-wide annual campaign organised by the European Commission to promote clean mobility and sustainable urban transport. Furthermore, POLIS and its members have taken part in several projects that used the mobility management concept to encourage people to opt for sustainable transport modes. Such projects include SWITCH (embracing active travel for health) and TRACE (walking and cycling tracking services).

POLIS facilitates supports its members that wish to apply mobility management tools to curb the demand for car use promoting more sustainable transport modes in the framework of the Active Travel Working Group and the Road Safety and Security Working Group.