2008 - 2014


CIVITAS VANGUARD was a 54-month grant-based project of the European Commission’s. The project consisted in a support action for the coordination and dissemination of CIVITAS Plus,  CIVITAS Initiative,  CIVITAS Plus collaborative projects (CPs) and the CIVITAS Initiative itself.

The project will be implemented by a consortium consisting of European city networks as well as transport, energy and policy oriented organizations and a communications company. Activities will commence with a needs assessment conducted among the CIVITAS-Plus demonstration projects and a broader audience.

This will be followed by a Service and Support Strategy, outlining the target groups, approaches and benefits as well as the areas where coordination and support will be given to demonstration projects. Examples include the continuation and enhancement of a Dissemination Liaison Group, the compilation of individual dissemination tools and the facilitation of information flow. Based on the specific needs of the cities, dedicated working groups and training sessions will be organised, along with comprehensive marketing support. CIVITAS VANGUARD will raise the awareness, disseminate and market the results of CIVITAS-Plus demonstration projects to a wide audience of urban transport practitioners, located in all member states of the enlarged European Union.

CIVITAS VANGUARD was funded by DG Research under the 7FP. The project ran from September 2008 to July 2014.

For more information about the project, please visit CIVITAS VANGUARD+ CORDIS page or the TRIMIS page