Utrecht Spring Conference 2018: “Managing Urban Change and Growth; Connectivity – Lifestyles - Governance”

The conference will include plenary and in-depth breakout sessions covering both theoretical and practical perspectives. Participants will be able to gain valuable insights for their own work and become involved in the process of urban change and growth in other cities.

The conference will include plenary sessions, flash visits to various sites, and breakout sessions where the following key themes will be addressed:

  • Connectivity: Workspace & Futures
  • Lifestyles: Healthy Living & Public Space
  • Governance: Collaboration & Design Thinking

The innovative and interactive structure of the conference will allow participants, representatives, stakeholders and institutions from around Europe to share experiences and best practices and to learn from each other.

Keynote speakers are expected from different European countries, including France, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

A detailed programme will be published soon. Find more information on the event website.