2021 - 2024


The urban mobility ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex. Traditional centralised traffic management is no longer effective. 

DIT4TraM stands for Distributed Intelligence and Technology for Traffic and Mobility Management. It offers an alternative decentralised approach, swarm intelligence, that helps local and bottom-up regulation. This project aims at bringing results at the level of traffic operations, mobility management, demand-supply synchronisation, and shared mobility.  

The paradigm employs a novel and often disruptive technologies to solve mobility issues like congestion, liveability, sustainability, and equity. DIT4TraM focuses on individual travellers, connected cars, smart bicycles, and intelligent traffic control systems. It gets these agents interacting to make road traffic safer and more efficient. 

The consortium represents the following countries: the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Israel, Cyprus, and Belgium. The project has 20 partners: TU Delft (coordinator), AMS Institute, BIU, Uni Eiffel, EPFL, ETH Zürich, NTUA, AIMSUN, SIEMENS, TECHNOLUTION, Arane Adviseurs, BEST MILE, the City of Amsterdam, City of Utrecht, Bordeaux Metropole, GERTRUDE, GLS, Glyfada Municipality, D.E.I.A., POLIS 

To test and develop new knowledge and insights, six pilot studies in four EU countries are organized: France (Bordeaux), Greece (Glyfada and Athens), the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Utrecht), and Spain (AP-7 freeway). 

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You can find more information about the Clean Bus Deployment Initiative here.