USEPE: Open Simulation Day


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Dear partners and anyone interested in the U-Space regulations and innovations. We want to announce that USEPE Open Simulation Day is coming soon online - June 16, 10:00 AM

The main topic of the meeting - the Dynamic Density Corridor Concept as a fusion of separation methods for safe and efficient drone traffic in an urban environment.

Other discussion topics:

  • How can the concept be validated by BlueSky simulations?
  • How can machine learning contribute to a safer U-space?
  • How do we assess the wind impact on separation using simulations?

What to expect from the meeting?

First of all, the OSD will take place both online and offline gathering people, companies and stakeholders interested in the U-Space mobility and policy at one place. This is a unique opportunity to listen to the experts in the area, discuss and ask questions.

Secondly, USEPE partners will also present the most recent deliverables and achievement of the project. All the data presented will also be supported by the real-time testing and simulations.

Thirdly, all of OSD participants will take part in the validation process on last mile delivery, emergency services and urban surveillance.

Last, but not least, after the even summary USEPE partners will present the following updates of the project, that you can expect in the nearest future.

Our speakers:

Why might be interested?

  • urban mobility legislators
  • drone regulators
  • mobility experts
  • people interested in mobility, AI regulations, U-Space, delivery, etc.
  • logistics experts and companies
  • project managers in mobility area
  • companies related to mobility
  • traffic regulators
  • developers working with drones and AI-systems.
  • other

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In case of any questions, suggestion, etc. contact: Dzvenyslava Tyslyukevych, Manon Coyne