Health impacts of transport

The way people and goods move in urban areas has a significant impact on our health. Active transport modes such as walking and cycling have a major impact in reducing the incidence of health problems related to pollution and inactivity. For this reason, POLIS actively promotes active transport modes as an efficient way to improve the health of those who live in urban areas and contribute to a better mobility in European cities.

More walking and cycling does not only mean healthier citizens, safer streets and more liveable cities, but also substantial economic benefits – both at the local and at the national level. POLIS stressed this aspect in the position paper on Securing the benefits of active travel in Europe, which was published in 2014.

POLIS supports its members that are committed to make their cities more walkable and cyclable within the Working Group on Active Travel. Furthermore, POLIS has been involved in several research projects dealing with the health impact of transport in cities. One example is the PASTA – Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approach – project, which resulted in an outstanding Handbook of good practice case studies for the promotion of walking and cycling.

Image: David-marcu-52952/Unsplash