2024 - 2026


Launched in January 2024, HL4EU aims to promote active and healthy lifestyles across Europe. By bringing its mobility expertise to the project, POLIS will ensure that active transport modes remain a pivotal driver of better life quality.

Promoting active and healthy lifestyles is crucial for improving the health and well-being of Europeans, keeping public health spending affordable, and supporting a strong economy. A cross-sectoral approach is needed to promote physical activity effectively, reduce health inequalities across Europe and tackle the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Introducing HL4EU

The Healthy Lifestyles for Europe, HL4EU, is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to lead the way in promoting active and healthy lifestyles across Europe. With leading NGOs and representative bodies from the sport, physical activity, outdoor, health, and mobility sectors, the project will develop a sustainable capacity for collaboration and reach out to expand the number of organisations and sectors that contribute to making healthy lifestyles available to all.

Cycling in Lisbon. Credit: Justine Camacho, Unsplash

Building on the legacy of the ‘Healthy Lifestyles 4 All’ initiative, launched by the EC in 2021, HL4EU also has the objectives of facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration on healthy lifestyle promotion by:

  • developing a dedicated stakeholders’ platform;
  • enabling further sectoral change by identifying and sharing good practices;
  • contributing to future healthy lifestyle related policy development through policy recommendations; and
  • raising awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyles with governments, civil society and the general public.

To achieve its objectives, HL4EU will, amongst other activities, publish a Call to Action, identify good practices, develop a stakeholder platform, and host community building and final conferences.

Making HL4EU happen

HL4EU counts on the multidisciplinary expertise of EuropeActive, the Greek Carers Network EPIONI, the European Initiative for Exercise in Medicine EIEIM, the European Liver Patient Association ELPA, the European Network of Outdoor Sports ENOS, the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry FESI, the It’s Great Out There Coalition IGOTCo, and POLIS.

Under their stewardship, the HL4EU project will run from January 2024 until June 2026.

POLIS' participation

Throughout the project, POLIS will bring mobility expertise to ensure that active transport modes continue to have relevance in improving quality of life.

Want to keep up with the latest news? Visit the HL4EU website and follow the project on LinkedIn.