Join the HL4EU Call for Action: Support Healthy Lifestyles in Europe

The HL4EU (Healthy Lifestyles for Europe) project has published its Call for Action: "Enabling Cross-Sectoral Approaches for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe."

Leading NGOs and sector representative bodies from the physical activity, outdoor, sport, mobility, health, patient and caregiver sectors invite you to endorse the Call for Action to promote healthier lifestyles and support at the U and local levels

Active transport modes, such as walking, cycling, and other forms of non-motorized transport, are essential for improving public health. Local and regional governments play a crucial role in this effort. They help reduce non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by encouraging regular physical activity, reducing air pollution, and creating more liveable urban environments.

Driven by collaboration and evidence-based strategies, the HL4EU project is dedicated to creating environments that support healthy living and drive transformative change through preventive health approaches. This Call for Action emphasizes the critical role of active mobility and physical activity in preventing and managing non-communicable diseases, which account for 90% of deaths and 80% of the health burden in Europe. To achieve these goals, the project partners will develop a stakeholder platform to share best practices, facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration, and provide policy recommendations. Through these efforts, the project aims to build a healthier and more resilient Europe for generations.

This Call for Action outlines steps for cities, regions, and mobility stakeholders, emphasizing their crucial role in addressing the root causes of non-communicable diseases. By integrating efforts across healthcare, education, urban planning, access to physical activity, and policy development, public authorities and mobility organisations can create environments that promote and sustain healthy lifestyles. Therefore, Your support is vital in shaping European policy on these topics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health and well-being across Europe.

A healthier future requires collective action. We invite all mobility stakeholders to endorse this Call for Action and join us in calling on the European Union to enable and foster greater cross-sectoral approaches to healthy lifestyles across Europe.

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