26/09/2022 Online

Access Working Group Webinar: Interventions to reduce car use in European cities

The Access Working Group convenes academics and city representatives to share research and action on the ground on effective measures and instruments to reduce urban car use in European cities to reach urban climate goals.

This webinar will hear about recent research and POLIS member cities on the most successful- and innovative- ways to reduce car traffic in urban areas.

  • Date: 26 September
  • Time: 13:00-14:30 CET
  • Location: Online

Prof. Kimberly Nicholas (Lund University) will share her research on effective measures and instruments to reduce urban car use in European cities to reach urban climate goals. She recently co-authored a paper, with Paula Kuss, where she screened hundreds of car reduction initiatives to highlight 12 successful interventions, including limited traffic zones and congestion charges. Amongst others, she looked at the involvements of stakeholder types and collaborations, concluding that “local Governments were the most important type of Leading Stakeholder to initiate and lead effective city-level interventions to reduce car use”.

We also hear from Stephen Frost, Co-Head of Participative Research and Principal Research Fellow, IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research), who present the paper: “Fairly reducing car use in Scottish cities: A just transition for transport for low-income households”.

László Sándor Kerényi, Director of Strategic Planning at the BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, will present the current review of the capital’s SUMP and Budapest Mobility Plan, focusing on their ambitious goals (improving the modal share, lowering car traffic, promoting active mobility, decreasing commuting traffic, etc.) as well as their latest successful mobility interventions.

About the Working Group:

The Access Working Group covers a broad range of topics related to social and economic aspects of transport, including the accessibility of transport to those with disabilities and accessibility to basic services for everyone, the financing of public transport and transport projects (including road infrastructure), regulation, planning and governance.

Please note: This event is open to POLIS members only. To register, head to the members area here.