Polis working group meeting on health and transport, 18-19 October 2017 in Paris

On Day 1, Wednesday 18 October, the working group will look at new findings and emerging areas which link directly to public health and transport planning: Air quality, Social investment supporting public health interventions, wellbeing, Health inequalities and Transport poverty.

Send us a proposal via e-mail to present your good practice.

On Day 2, Thursday, 19 October the Tool makers session: “Active Travel for Healthy Cities” is organised in cooperation with the EU co-funded PASTA project. The workshop aims to  present the latest research-based evidence linking health benefits of increased physical activity and transport, and measures to encourage active travel and create healthier urban environments.

Moreover, experts will introduce you the "new" Health economic assessment tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling. The new tool will include modules on air quality, crashes and carbon emission. We invite you to visit the website to know more about HEAT:

Some Polis members which have confirmed their participation in the meeting: Sustrans, Transport for Greater Manchester, Roma Servizi per la Mobilita', the Flemish Foundation for Traffic knowledge, Transport for London,  Mobility Agency of the Paris City Hall,  BKK-Centre for Budapest Transport, Ile de France.

Strategic partnership with Autonomy

This working group meeting is organised back-to-back with the Autonomy's urban mobility summit in Paris from 19 to 21 October, under the topic "Active Mobility".

Autonomy aims to become an innovative and collaborative platform bringing together thought leaders, innovators, policy makers and public to meet and change the way we move in cities.

Polis members attending the working group meeting will receive 1 VIP pass to enter for free Autonomy (the exhibition) and the Summit.

Local Authorities are invited to make strategic partnerhips with Autonomy and receive 2 VIP passes. To learn about this opportunity, please contact:


To register to the working group meeting at attend the workshop on HEAT, please log in and fill out the registration form online here.

A small budget has been set aside to assist with travel expenses for a limited number of local authority representatives attending the workshop.

For more information, you can contact the E&H pillar leader Florinda Boschetti: e-mai, tel: +32 2 500 56 74.