POLIS Conference 2022 – Presentations

The POLIS Conference 2022 took place on 30 November and 1 December in Brussels, Belgium.


Below you will find all the presentations from the event.


1A. Active travel boosting social cohesion & health

1B. Towards digital multimodal mobility platforms

1C. Just transition: Everyone – everywhere

1D. Let’s get digital. Technology-based safety solutions

1E. Changing gears: Accelerating the uptake of electromobility

1F. Tailoring transport to SMC’s

1G. Urban freight strategies and tools

1H. Better buy-in through co-creation

Opening Plenary Session: Channelling Change

2A. Shifting priorities: Reallocating urban space for active travel

2B. Tools and strategies for modern traffic management

2C. Boosting public transport

2D. Squeezing insight from safety data

2E. Integrating cycling on all levels

2F. Ramping up regions

2G. Moving forward with micromobility

2H. From climate ambition to climate action

3A. Rolling out active travel on a regional scale

3B. Traffic signal innovations

3C. Just transition: Digital tools to support policy and practice

3D. This is how we do it. Hands-on safety solutions

3E. Planning and building for regional access

3F. Please behave!

3G. Collaborative logistics

3H. SUMP innovation for climate mitigation

4A. Out of the box: Exploring new use cases for electromobility

4B. Are cities ready for vehicle automation?

4C. Sticks with the carrots: What is new for Urban Vehicle Access Regulations?

4D. Enablers for shared mobility

4E. Managing the curb, improving parking

4F. Unlocking the value of data

4G. More multimodal moves? The potential of mobility hubs

4H. Being smart for real

Full session presentations here

5A. Activating Active Travel – A Master Class

5B. Digging into data – Local and regional authorities: Unlock your data power now!

Full session presentations here

5C. Urban Air Mobility Training – Deep dive into urban airspace

5D. Gender equal mobility: Beyond the ‘vulnerable users’ paradigm

Full session presentations here

5E. Clean vehicles: Creating the right framework conditions – Bringing the just transition and an inclusive approach to e-mobility

Full session presentations here

5F. POLIS & ALICE: Advancing together towards zero-emission urban logistics by 2030

5G. Innovative data-driven tools for shaping cities’ mobility policies: nuMIDAS

Full session presentations here