Transport for Greater Manchester is the delivery arm for the democratically elected Greater Manchester Combined Authority and its Transport for Greater Manchester Committee. We are funding improvements to transport services and facilities, supporting the largest regional economy outside London. We are responsible for Greater Manchester's transport strategy and supporting policies. We own Metrolink and are delivering a £1.4 billion expansion programme. We pay for buses in areas where no commercial services are provided and help people such as the young and old travel at reduced fares. We also own Greater Manchester's bus stations, shelters and stops. We promote sustainable travel and provide information and the facilities needed. We are the voice of the passenger in securing rail services that match local travel needs. On the roads, we look after the day to day management of traffic signals on Greater Manchester's major highways and are responsible for the strategic route network.

Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 - visit the page or download the PDF.

Transport for Greater Manchester is involved in REFORM.

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