Cities and researchers discuss how to improve safety of city streets

The workshop kicked off with an insight into London's road safety strategy and vision zero: "Vision zero is a target, not just an aspiration", said Stuart Reid, Director Vision Zero for Transport for London.

At the ocassion of the event, the ITF released the first-ever urban road safety benchmark: The report analyses crash data from 31 cities in 20 countries and finds striking differences in fatalities between cities. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists account for nearly 80% of urban traffic fatalities. Pedestrians are ten times more likely to be killed on the road than car occupants. See the full results here.

The joint workshops of members of the Safer City Streets and Polis exchange experiences with road safety analysis and policy making in parallel to ITF's crash data benchmarking. Topics discussed include managing speed, pedestrian safety and accessibility, measuring risk, alcohol and speed, safe infrastructure, safer trucks and new directions for data driven transport safety.

About 80 people attended the workshop during the last two days incl. Aarhus, Budapest, Dublin, London, Madrid, Manchester, Paris.

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