Join us at Autonomy's Get Our Cities Moving programme

From 4-5 November 2020, POLIS and Autonomy will join forces for the ‘Get Our Cities Moving’ online programme. The event is an initiative providing cities and local governments with the most innovative solutions tailored to their current and future mobility needs.

This live and interactive online conference brings together experts from across the mobility sector for a series of panel discussions, debating issues from the face of mobility after Covid-19, to the role of public-private partnerships.

Hear from POLIS member cities including Brussels, Manchester, Madrid, Amsterdam and more, as they share best practices, challenges, and opportunities for the future.

Sessions include:

What will urban mobility post-COVID look like?

What will urban mobility post-COVID19 look like? Can we capitalize on the active travel boom and make temporary place-making measures to accelerate the trend toward cities for people instead of for cars? A discussion moderated by Polis Secretary General, Karen Vancluysen; with experts from Paris, Brussels and more.

Reshaping our city streets for new mobility solutions

Urban space is scarce and valuable. What is the impact, positive or negative, of new mobility solutions and disruptions on the urban fabric? Experts from Lisbon, Amsterdam join the panel

Progress in Parking: Less is more?

Cities are aware that mobility is not only about traffic ‘flow’ but also about how to handle vehicles at destination. Parking should not only be ‘digital’ but even be ‘smart’… Are parking stakeholders ready to deliver? Polis’s Ivo Cré moderates the panel with experts from the city of Paris, Sofia and others.

Will public-private partnerships shape tomorrow’s urban mobility ecosystem?

Offering mobility services is no longer just the preserve of the public sector. What is the contribution of private operators to the multimodal, seamless and sustainable urban mobility ecosystem that cities are working towards? A discussion moderated by Polis Secretary General, Karen Vancluysen

What do cities need right now? The mobility innovation wish list

Urban mobility innovations only make sense if they are policy-responsive and help to solve the transport- related challenges. What are the new solutions needed? A discussion with Gothenburg, Madrid, Glasgow and Manchester; moderated by Polis Secretary General, Karen Vancluysen

Autonomy... when you're broke? Affordable is the new black

POLIS’s Pedro Homem de Gouveia asks how we can make sure mobility is not only innovative and sustainable, but affordable and inclusive


The talks are available free of charge to all visitors. Find out more and register here.