19/11/2020 Online

Mobilising Mobility: MaaS - crossing (modal) borders

This webinar will explore a range of project pioneering innovative approaches to Mobility as a Service (MaaS). First Roberto Palacin from MyCorridor will present an international approach to MaaS, how to look beyond the local arena and implement MaaS across borders.

This will be followed by Maurizio Veronese from CIVITAS HANDSHAKE, who will present the MaaS situation and the bike sharing system in the city of Turin. In many cases, MaaS systems require Public-Private collaboration to succeed, Soufian Jahouh from the MOBI-MIX project will present an interactive tool designed to help cities implement such collaboration in Smart Mobility.

This webinar was moderated by Ivo Cre.

Speakers include:

  • Roberto Palacin from the University of NewCastle (MyCorridor)
  • Maurizio Veronese from 5T Turin (CIVITAS HANDSHAKE)
  • Soufian Jahouh from the City of Rotterdam (MOBI-MIX)


View the recording here

The webinar was a POLIS initiative in cooperation with MyCorridor, MOBI-MIX, HANDSHAKE and SATELLITE projects.


MOBI-MIX intends to facilitate the up-take of innovative transport solutions to fulfil their potential and have a positive impact in reducing carbon emissions. MOBI-MIX will develop and source state-of-the-art public-private collaboration models for more effective implementation of micromobility and MaaS solutions, ultimately leading to a more livable city. The objective is to reduce 365 tonnes of CO2 emissions by replacing 2.6 million fossil-fueled car-kilometres in the urban environment of 5 pilot cities/regions: Rotterdam, Norfolk, Antwerp, Mechelen and Valenciennes.

CIVITAS SATELLITE aims to help cities gain better access to innovative solutions to properly address transport challenges they are facing. Cities, as the closest link to citizens, are the focal point of SATELLITE’s efforts, with an emphasis on international cooperation as an essential aspect for cities to function as “activity hubs” in the global economy. Cross-project coordination, exchange mechanisms and capacity-building provide cities with access to the latest innovations resulting from European urban mobility research, as well as helping city practitioners to gain the necessary skills to apply innovations in their local contexts

CIVITAS HANDSHAKE helps cities of all types become more liveable places, improving conditions for cycling as an everyday mode of transport. Handshake will achieve this by improving the quality of both cycling infrastructure and communications through identifying innovation in areas such as intelligent transport systems, bike sharing, modelling, bike parking, socio-economic assessment and governance and decision-making.

MyCorridor aims to achieve sustainable travel in urban and interurban areas and across borders by replacing private vehicle ownership by private vehicle use. The project looks into connecting services from various service providers and providing the traveler with alternatives to replace their own vehicle trip with combined shared vehicles and multimodal transport solutions.