Successful REFORM conference on SUMPs and multi-level governance

The conference "SUMP in Europe: best practices and  multi-level governance - The European Reality of SUMP" was organised by the REFORM project in cooperation with the PUM (Partnership on Urban Mobility) and the EU platform on SUMPs and hosted by Polis.

The Conference aimed at presenting the actions of the different public authorities, at their levels, for the development and the promotion of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in European cities and regions.

The conference started with a presentation of the European framework for urban mobility by the European Commission and was followed by two other presentations dealing with the European level:

  • the presentation of the SUMP guidelines by Siegfried Rupprecht (Rupprecht Consult), and
  • the presentation of the cities' needs by Peter Staelens (EUROCITIES), representing SUMPs-Up.

The second 'block' of presentations was dedicated to the presentation of good examples. The metropolitan SUMP of Greater Manchester (REFORM partner), the polycentric SUMP of Parkstad Limburg (REFORM partner), and the municipal SUMP of Karlsruhe (PUM member) and Gdynia (REFORM member) were presented to the audience.

Finally, the role of regional and national levels were discussed during two presentations about the action of Region Emilia-Romagna (by ITL, REFORM partner) and the new national framework in Greece (by CERTH, REFORM leader).

The audience had the opportunity to exchange directly with the speakers and numerous fruitful discussions took place. The main outcomes of the presentations and discussions will be presented in a future synthetic note on SUMPs.

  • Presentations and documents are available on REFORM website: here.
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