The city of Helmond is a smaller city located in the middle of the so-called Brainport region in the Southeast of the Netherlands. This region consists of leading high-tech  industries and research institutes in the domain of automotive and mobility.  Public-private cooperation between industry, research, education and public authorities is the key in their involvement in smart mobility.

Active involvement of Helmond in testing, showcasing and deployment of smart mobility solutions is a key part of our local mobility policy and has been the base for involvement in several and national ITS projects, like SafeSpot/CVIS, FREILOT, Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge and the national SPITS project. City of Helmond is one of the co-founders of Dutch Integrated Testsite Cooperative Mobility DITCM . In the current European C-ITS project Compass4D, Helmond is one of the seven European pilot sites and acts as strategic deployment advisor.

For the next period they see three main challenges for Helmond  in the domain of smart mobility:

  • from testbeds to deployment of cooperative ITS
  • use of ITS-technologies for increasing road safety of vulnurable road users
  • offer a innovative environment for testing, field operational tests and showcasing of highly and fully automated vehicles.

Car testing ISA technology in Helmond, © V-Tron

Indeed, through the Brainport district, pedestrian and cyclists are placed at the heart of the day-to-day life. The ambition is not only a zero-emission zone, but also a safe district, a people-friendly environment.

City of Helmond has been involved in SafeSpot/CVIS, FREILOT, VRU-ITS, CO-GISTICS, Compass4D, eCoMove, EURIS, CO-EXIST and MAVEN and ReVeAL. It is also now involved in ISA-FIT.

You can find out more on their website, or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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