14/11/2018 webinar

Webinar: ISA in Procurement of Public Transport (1h)

The webinar is hosted by Gert Blom, coordinator of the ISA Working Group of the EIP-SCC. Guest speakers are Graziella Jost (European Transport Safety Council) and Jane Lupson (Transport for London).

At the last quarter of this 60 minutes webinar you will have the opportunity to activily engage with the speakers during a live Q&A. Because the webinar is only available for a limited number of attendees, register here before 1 November: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Dog8ORamQ82ycv7Y8SIwdw


11:00 Introduction by Gert Blom, Innovation Manager at the City of Helmond and coordinator of the ISA Working Group of EIP-SCC.

11:15 Graziella Jost, Programme Director at ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) will talk about the plan to modify the European Safety Regulation and introduce ISA on a European scale.

11:30 Jane Lupson, Senior Bus Safety Development Manager at Transport for London will talk about the trials that have convinced Transport for London to require ISA in new vehicles and will explain the process that will have to be followed to achieve that goal.

11:45 Live Q&A with the audience

About ISA

ISA is a technology that helps drivers to adhere to speed limits. Exceeding speed limits and driving at unsafe speeds are responsible for about one third of the deadly road accidents. ISA, by advising the driver what the safe optimal speed on a stretch of road is or by automatically adjusting the vehicle’s speed to that safe optimal speed can save lives and make our roads much safer.

In May 2018 the European Commission decided to revise the General Safety Regulation EC 661/2009. One of the proposals for revision is to introduce an ISA system in all new vehicles from 2020. However, if we wait for the revision of EC 661/2009, it will be a very long time before all vehicles are equipped with ISA and the number of road accidents caused by speeding will have declined significantly.

The ISA technology, however, is available and can contribute to safer roads and reduction of road accidents now. One of the ways to make a step towards early introduction is for authorities and fleet owners to require that all their vehicles should be equipped with ISA. An important first step towards such measures is taken by Transport for London who have decided that all new buses in London will be provided with ISA.