The new CoEXist project has started!

CoEXist stands for “AV-ready” transport models for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles. CoEXist will run from May 2017 to April 2020 and will develop an AV-ready framework (automated vehicle - ready framework) for road authorities. To achieve its objective, CoEXist develops alongside both microscopic and macroscopic traffic models that take the introduction of automated vehicles into account.

In order to assess the “AV-readiness” of their local-designed use cases, the tools developed in CoEXist are tested by road authorities in the four project cities:

  • Helmond (NL) – Polis member
  • Milton Keynes (UK)
  • Gothenburg (SE) – Polis member
  • Stuttgart (DE) – Polis member

The results of the project will enable road authorities to understand in detail the impact of increasing numbers of automated vehicles and to plan accordingly. The project is coordinated by Rupprecht consult and has the following partners: PTV AG, Groupe Renault, Vedecom, TASS International, VTI – the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Polis, FEHRL, iD4Car, Florence University, Stuttgart University.

The project website will be launched in July 2017.

Follow CoEXIst on Twitter: @H2020_CoEXist