30/05/2022 - 01/06/2022 Toulouse, France

ITS European Congress 2022

ERTICO ITS Europe and Toulouse Métropole will host the 14th ITS European Congress in Toulouse, France. The Congress will be held from 30 May to 1 June 2022.

The ITS Congress is the largest event on smart mobility and digitalisation of transport; it represents the ultimate showcase of mobility services deployment.

Over the years, the ITS European Congresses have offered a platform to share ideas on smart and sustainable mobility. This year, the Congress aims at attracting 3,000 participants from more than 40 countries in a unique venue, the MEETT - Parc des Expositions et Centre de Conventions de Toulouse Métropole.

Thought leaders, developers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers from the transport, logistics and IT industries will be there - and so could you.

A programme tackling all things ITS

The ITS European Congress 2022 invites organisations from the broad spectrum of the ITS ecosystem to play a role in the ongoing development of smart mobility by featuring them in a rich and exciting programme, whose main topics are:

  1. Services for citizens
  2. Next-generation solutions
  3. Green and sustainable mobility
  4. From large-scale trials to deployment
  5. Cities as logistics hubs

POLIS at the ITS Congress - Projects

The Congress will feature some of the EU projects POLIS is currently working on as well as some of its members.

eCharge4Drivers' Session

One of these projects - eCharge4Drivers - will feature in a joint Special Interest Session on ‘Improving EV charging infrastructure in European urban areas”. EU projects improving the EV-charging experience and cities with electromobility in their mobility plans will discuss e-mobility in urban environments.

The speakers of this session will provide insights on:

  1. Key outcomes of an online user survey and CPOs/eMSPs’ field data analysis performed in 10 European demonstration areas, as well as different pricing policies and the incentives adopted in various EU cities involved in the eC4D project;
  2. The innovative Decision Support System (DSS) developed within the H2020 INCIT-EV project, a user-centric decision support tool for electric mobility charging infrastructure planning;
  3. A fully accessible and user-friendly smart mobility service developed within the H2020 USER-CHI project and how the Barcelona Metropolitan Area has implemented this solution in the city.
UVAR Box Hackathon Award Ceremony

UVAR Box LogoAnother project connected to the ITS Congress 2022 is UVAR Box. This EU-funded project aims to digitise and exchange data on UVARs across Europe to facilitate their use.

The UVAR Box Hackathon will take place this May; it represents a unique opportunity for developers to demonstrate new and alternative uses of UVARs for the benefit of many.

Though the hackathon's kick-off meeting is on 9 May, the winners will be announced at the end of the month, with the award ceremony taking place at the ITS European Congress.

POLIS at the ITS Congress - Members

Polis members: Tisséo at TP 3 Parking services and Plenary 4
TP3 Parking services
Monday, May 30, 2022, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Room 5

Moderated by: Paul Hutton, Highways News, United Kingdom


  • Patrick Vial (Tisséo Collectivités) - Tisséo: Multimodal hubs as innovative places
  • Grigorios Christainas (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) - SocialPARK: An integrated Parking-as-a-Service Ecosystem
  • Gilles Orazi (EGM) - Parking monitoring and usage statistics using an Edge-Cloud solution based on FIWARE
  • Markus Adameck (Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe GmbH) - Camera-based 3D environmental sensing system for autonomous parking
Plenary 4 - Why aren’t we there yet? Getting MaaS to work (and everywhere)
Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Plenary Room

Keynote Speaker: Kristian Hedberg, Head of Sustainable and Intelligent Transport Unit, European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium

Moderator: Guilherme Johnston, Head of Global partnerships, Connected Places Catapult, United Kingdom


  • Vincent Georjon, Deputy General Manager, Tisséo, France
  • Sami Sahala, ITS Chief Advisor, Forum Virium - City of Helsinki, Finland
  • Laurence Vivet-Ract, Managing Director (EMEA), Ubitransport, France
  • Sandra Witzel, CMO and Board Director, Skedgo, United Kingdom

Session Description:

The concept of Mobility-as-a-Service is a perfect example of technology being put to use to serve the real needs of end-users in a tailor-made fashion. In recent years, many business cases have been developed for MaaS but its vast potential remains to be fully tapped. The absence of a broad uptake of the solutions provided appears to be due in part to the lack of interoperability across providers, platforms and geographical borders. But it is also a question of changing behaviours and attitudes.

Tisséo will be also featured at the Mobility Solutions Show on May 31, from 12.00 onwards.

Polis members: Helmond at ITS Summit Plenary
Monday, May 30, 2022, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Room 10

Polis members: Ghent at SIS 11 Mandated Strategic Routing – achievable or unviable?
Monday, May 30, 2022, 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM
Room 6

Organised by: Monika Pepikj, TomTom, Germany

Moderator: Johanna Tzanidaki, ERTICO - ITS Europe, Belgium


  • Tessa Bruneel, Mobility Company City of Ghent, Belgium
  • Evert Gellynck, Be-Mobile, Belgium
  • Timo Hoffman, Federal Highway Research Institute - BASt, Germany
  • Monika Pepikj, TomTom, Germany
  • Tiffany Vlemmings, NDW, Netherlands

Session Description:

According to the recently revised real-time traffic information delegated regulation (RTTI) of the ITS Directive, starting from 2025, service providers need to integrate data available in the national or common access points in their services. This data includes any traffic circulation plans, traffic regulations and restrictions and any temporary traffic management measures developed by the competent authorities.

A key component of this requirement concerns ‘strategic routing’, the notion of proposing routes to drivers that avoid certain parts of a road network and instead take a prescribed alternative i.e. routes that avoid passing by schools or hospitals. The European requirement means service providers would be obliged to offer routing advice determined by public authorities.

Is this measure justified for the good of society and users or excessive public control of a service provider's businesses? This session promises a very lively debate about the issue which will bring together both sides of the table – the road authorities designing the strategic routes and the service providers offering the routing and navigation information to drivers. The speakers will each bring their perspective on this new requirement and jointly discuss if it is achievable or unviable.

POLIS at the ITS Congress - the Secretariat

POLIS at SIS 17 Shaping the world of real-time traffic information services
Monday, May 30, 2022, 4:45 PM to 5:45 PM
Room 7

Organised by: Edoardo Felici, European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium

Moderator: Edoardo Felici, European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium


  • Suzanne Hoadley, POLIS, Belgium
  • Marlous Hovestad, NAPCORE, Netherlands
  • Ylva Regnström, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden
  • Ralf-Peter Schäfer, TomTom, Germany

Session Description:

Real-time traffic information services are only as good as the underlying data they are provided with. To ensure continued access to data on infrastructure, regulations and restrictions, state of the network and real-time use of the network, the European Commission has adopted a revised Delegated Regulation on the provision of real-time traffic information services in 2022. With this revision, the geographical scope has been extended beyond the motorways to also cover regional and urban roads. Also, relevant data types regarding vehicle access restrictions have been added.

The new text also includes stricter provisions on the re-use of data in traffic information services and stronger requirements on collaboration to improve data quality. In this session, the European Commission will present the main elements of this revised Delegated Regulation and discuss with the main stakeholders and the audience how the updated requirements will shape the world of real-time traffic information services in the years to come.

POLIS and C-Roads

Between 11.30-12.00 on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, POLIS and C-Roads will sign their collaboration at the EC stand - this ceremony features the city of Gothenburg

POLIS at MaaS Alliance Summit
Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Room 10

This Summit is an invitation-only event that will bring together the international MaaS community represented by the key stakeholders from the public and private sectors. This high-level event aims to bring fresh ideas and inputs to MaaS in the context of policy and governance framework for smart and sustainable mobility, technology implementation and business model challenges when it comes to scaling up. The discussions will be held on the EU, national and local levels to help communities to endorse MaaS and to create benefits for people, societies and the planet.

The Summit programme will include keynote speeches and interactive thematic group discussions. The agenda can be found below.

Summit Programme:

15:30 – 15:35 Housekeeping by moderator, Ananda Groag

15:35 – 15:40 Welcome, Mr Jacob Bangsgaard, President of the MaaS Alliance

15:40 – 15:50 Speech by Mr Kari Anttila, State Secretary, Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications

15:50 – 16:05 Pre-recorded statement by the Commissioner Adina Valean and speech by Kristian Hedberg, EC DG MOVE

16:05 – 16:50 Thematic group discussions – round 1

  • 1.1: ABT Ticketing (Moderated by Christian Senly, MaaS Alliance WG T&S Activity Lead)
  • 1.2: User-centric MaaS (Moderated by Sandra Witzel, Skedgo)
  • 1.3: MaaS & Payments part 1 (Moderated by Nick Telford-Reed, Endava)

17:00 – 17:45 Thematic group discussions – round 2

  • 2.1: Regulations of services for user needs (Moderated by Victoire Champenois, EC DG MOVE)
  • 2.2: Digital transformation & interoperability (Moderated by Paul Theyskens, MaaS Alliance WG T&S leader)
  • 2.3: MaaS & Payments part 2 (Moderated by Nick Telford-Reed, Endava)

18:00 – 18:30 Conclusions & closing remarks

POLIS at SIS 65 C-ITS city forum: drives and challenges for C-ITS urban deployment
Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Room 9

Organised by: Pedro Barradas, Armis ITS, Portugal

Moderator: Pedro Barradas, Armis ITS, Portugal


  • Alfredo Bolelli, Movalia, Italy
  • Lígia Conceição, Armis ITS, Portugal
  • Marie-Christine Esposito, Ministry of Ecological Transition, France
  • Suzanne Hoadley, POLIS, Belgium
  • Niels Peter Skov Andersen, Car2Car Consortium, Germany
  • TBD

Session Description:

The purpose of this special interest session is to facilitate bringing those, interested in the deployment of C-ITS services in cities and urban areas, to come together with other stakeholders (such as road operators, public transport operators or OEM representatives) for sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge about the different local settings, deemed necessary to harmonize, to ensure interoperable and continuous C-ITS services across European cities, starting by those committed to the C-Roads Platform.

POLIS at SIS 60 Building a bridge towards better traffic management services for road users
Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM
Room 11

Organised by: Marjolein Masclee, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands

Moderator: Marjolein Masclee, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands


  • Martin Böhm, AustriaTech, Austria
  • Edoardo Felici, European Commission, DG MOVE, Netherlands
  • Damaris Anna Gruber, AustriaTech, Austria
  • Suzanne Hoadley, POLIS, Belgium
  • Timo Hoffmann, Federal Highway Research Institute - BASt, Germany
  • Stephanie Kleine, Autobahn Deutschland, Germany
  • Malika Seddi, ASECAP, France
  • Johanna Tzanidaki, ERTICO - ITS Europe, Belgium

Session Description:

How do we achieve well-functioning and interoperable cross border TM, ITS and C-ITS services on all roads and urban/multimodal nodes? Digitalisation is crucial to reaching this goal. Digitalisation requires a network approach across national borders and operators. We need to join forces.

How can we build a community in which public and private road operators/authorities, industry actors and TM related stakeholders in the ITS and C-ITS value chain collaborate?

Discussions on these questions are going on in the Duplo Forum, a temporary, informal and open discussion forum, in which road operators invite ITS/C-ITS and TM related stakeholders. Join our interactive session, find out what we have reached so far and contributed to the discussion.

Together we will make digitalization work and come to harmonized, safe and sustainable implementation of ITS and C-ITS throughout Europe!


More information on the Congress is available here.