Helmond bags Urban C-ITS 2023 Award

POLIS member, the City of Helmond has won an Urban C-ITS 2023 Award, in recognition of its extensive efforts in the field.

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) — an advanced technology that enables smart communication between vehicles and infrastructure- is fast transforming urban mobility. The C-ITS City Forum and Contest, organised by the urban group of the C-ITS platform C-Roads, took place in Porto (Portugal) on 19 and 20 October. The event, which brings together the main urban C-ITS stakeholders, including city authorities — discussed and debated core issues surrounding C-ITS deployment, including C-ITS services today and tomorrow, C-ITS impacts on traffic management and user perceptions.

At the heart of the event is the C-ITS Award. This prize is bestowed on a city which demonstrates a high calibre of efficacy and versatility in its C-ITS deployments.

This year, the ‘Frontrunner on ensuring the accessibility of jobs and services to all’ award went to Helmond, in recognition of the development of their smart mobility landscape.

For more than 15 years, the city has been closely involved in European developments around C-ITS. This has led to innovative and sustainable implementations, such as smart traffic lights that not only improve traffic flow but also increase traffic safety and provide Helmond's citizens with a smoother and safer journey every day.

'Our smart traffic lights can communicate with vehicles and road users in various ways,' explains Councillor Arno Bonte. 'Emergency services get green lights at intersections, while other road users receive notifications via flash apps or navigation systems, allowing them to move faster.'

This success is also a tribute to their collaboration with great partners such as SmartwayZ.NL and the C-Roads platform. Together, the partnership has put much time and effort into making the city more connected and smarter notably by installing smart traffic lights offering ITS and C-ITS services.


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